Affordable asbestos removal in Worthing for domestic & commercial customers.

safe asbestos removal in worthing

ALL ASBESTOS is a local and trusted asbestos business providing a vast range of asbestos services to homes and business in Worthing, Goring-by-Sea, or Broadwater.

Perhaps you are a construction company that needs a thorough and affordable Asbestos Demolition and Refurbishment Survey before building work takes place? Maybe you are a property manager who is wondering about their legal responsibilities regarding presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials on non-domestic premises? Or maybe you are a homeowner who is concerned about an asbestos garage or outbuilding. Whatever your asbestos concerns, we can help.

Our asbestos operatives have over 30 years’ experience in the asbestos trade and can assist with all types of asbestos jobs. From Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys to check for the presence and condition of any ACMs within a property to plan to buy to soft strip demolition work or audits around soil and contaminated land, our asbestos company has the knowledge and experience you need. We always aim to offer a competitively priced, helpful, and expert service.

Our services include:

    • All licensed and non-licensed asbestos removals work, including removal of white, brown, and blue asbestos safely and carefully.
    • Asbestos sampling and testing where samples of suspect materials are sent to a UKAS-accredited laboratory for quick analysis.
    • Thorough and clear asbestos surveys, including Asbestos Management Surveys, Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys and Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys.
    • Domestic and residential asbestos services, including the removal of asbestos garages, sheds, ceilings, and rooflines.
    • Asbestos collections and disposals via government-approved facilities for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal.
    • Commercial asbestos services, including soft strip demolition, contaminated land and soil audits, air monitoring for asbestos, and more.
    • 24/7 emergency asbestos response service

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Worthing Asbestos removal and Surveys


Asbestos Removal Services throughout, Haywards Heath West Sussex, RH16 

With over 30 years of expertise and industry-leading technology, we offer comprehensive asbestos solutions to meet your specific needs, including:

    • Asbestos Disposal
    • Asbestos insulation Board (AIB)
    • Artex Coated Walls
    • Artex Textured Ceilings
    • Asbestos Ceiling Removal
    • Asbestos Garage Roof Removal
    • Asbestos Surveys
    • Management surveys
    • R&D Surveys
    • Pre-Purchase Surveys
    • Asbestos Testing
    • Asbestos Shed Removal
    • Asbestos Sheet Removal
    • Asbestos Management
    • Cement Pipes
    • Corrugated Garage Roof
    • Demolition Strip Outs
    • Floor Tiles & Bitumen Adhesive 
    • Gutter Fascias & Soffits
    • Millboards
    • Removal of Water Tanks
    • Pipe lagging
    • Spray Coatings

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BN11 commercial and residential asbestos removal

There are three main types of asbestos that were used in the UK before it was banned in 1999. The three main types are Chrysotile (white asbestos), Amosite (brown asbestos), and Crocidolite (blue asbestos). Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry because it was cheap, strong, and resistant to fire and chemicals. Because it was so widely used in the UK, it can still be found in thousands of buildings.

Licensed asbestos removal services in Worthing, Sompting and Offington

We can complete all asbestos removals including both non-licensed and licensed asbestos removals through Worthing, West Sussex. All asbestos is carefully removed and disposed of in the correct way. Asbestos needs careful handling and all projects are carefully managed with method statement, risk assessments and our staff wear full PPE. We are a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency, so all ACMs are taken to special locations for disposal.

asbestos surveys near goring-by-Sea

We provide comprehensive asbestos sampling and testing and surveys throughout Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, or Broadwater.

  • Landlords: Asbestos regulations were updated in 2012 due to the harmful nature of asbestos. Landlords of residential and commercial properties have a duty to manage all ACMs. An Asbestos Management Survey should identify the type, location, and condition of ACMs, so you have an idea of the course of action required.
  • Homebuyers: Are you planning to buy a property built or refurbished before 2000? We provide prompt and clear Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys, so you can identify any ACMs. We will compile a report, including a risk assessment, and provide expert advice on whether professional removals are required.
  • Construction companies: Asbestos is known to the biggest occupational disease risk to those people working in construction. Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys can find out the extent and location of ACMs so they can be removed safely before work commences by qualified contractors.
  • Property managers: All properties that contain asbestos must be managed. An asbestos management plan is a document and process designed to register and detail asbestos is managed to ensure the safety of all those who might be potentially exposed to it. Under the Control of Asbestos 2012 (see more), this falls on the duty holder. A plan can be created with an Asbestos Management Survey.
Asbestos containing ceiling testing in Worthing
Derlict Roof in Worthing

Expert Worthing asbestos services

We specialise in a wide range of asbestos removal in Broadwater and near Sompting. We provide the following asbestos services and more:

  • Soft strip outs: We provide soft strip demolition work that construction companies can rely on.
  • Contaminated land and soil: In the past poor waste management may have resulted in contaminated land. We offer specialised land and soil remediation services.
  • Asbestos ceilings: Asbestos can commonly be found in ceiling tiles. Our asbestos professionals can take this away safely and carefully for disposal.
  • Asbestos rooflines: We can remove all types of asbestos roofline products including asbestos soffits and fascias.
  • Asbestos floor tiles: White asbestos was commonly used vinyl floor tiles and linoleum. We can remove it for you.

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We are equipped with a skilled and qualified team that works to meet the highest standards in comnpleting our projects. We are always focused on completing our client projects to the highests standards which allow us to have long-term collaborations with our partners. We work with the most renowned companies in the UK.

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